Property Data Append Service

Property and Mortgage Data for Better Analysis and Targeted Marketing

Property Data Append is Available as an Automated FTP Service

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Property Data Append Service

Send us your file and our Service Bureau will append meaningful property characteristics, owner information, current and prior sales, property valuations and more. Our database contains updated deed, mortgage and related documents and covers more than 140 million properties across the nation. Now you can take advantage of the data real estate professionals rely on.

  • Uncover opportunities by identifying real estate trends and neighborhood characteristics
  • Improve mortgage transaction cycle time and cost efficiencies
  • Ideal for lenders, investors, insurance agents, property management and home services providers

How Property Append Works

Our Property Append process conveniently adds property and mortgage details to your data. This service is also available via Automated FTP Processing with a turnaround time of just minutes. Send your file to us via secure online link.Upload file here.

How Melissa Direct Property Append Service Works

Comprehensive Data at Your Fingertips

Our service provides property and mortgage data on more than 140 million U.S. properties. Here are the main categories available, and you can view all 165 data elements available here.

  • Parcel Information (FIPS, APN, Lat/Long, Tract, Tax Code Area, Zoning, No. Buildings)
  • Subdivision Information
  • Owner Information
  • Values Information (Calculated, accessed, appraised Land/Value/Improvement/Market)
  • Current Sale Information (Recording, Sale Date/Price/Name, Title Company)
  • Current Trust Deed Information (Mortgage, Deed, and Lender information)
  • Prior Sale Information
  • Lot / Land Information (Footage, Lot, and Acreage)
  • Square Footage Information (Universal, Building, Living, Ground, Garage)
  • Building Information (Year Built, No. Bedrooms/Baths, AC, Bldg Code, Condition, Garage Construction, Heating, Fireplace, Parking, Pool, Roof, Utilities)

Property Data Append Pricing

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Property Data Append Service


Property Data Append

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