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11 Best GoPro Accessories in 2023 (For Action & Adventure)

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GoPro accessories offer various ways to enhance the performance of your GoPro camera. These include alternate viewpoints or modifications. GoPro cameras have solidified themselves as the go-to action camera. Their incredible qualities make them the perfect companion, including their size and great video abilities.

Our top choice to beef up your GoPro is The Handler . It is a small handgrip that improves your shots in a simple and effective way. It improves the ease of use and can be used in a number of environments. And it even floats in the water!

The Handler GoPro Handgrip
GoPro The Handler
Elevate your photography with this handheld camera accessory. It’s perfect for capturing smooth and stable shots.

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What Are the Best GoPro Accessories?

Here is a quick roundup of our top choices and why we love them. Read further to find out more about each accessory in detail.

Accessory Name
Why We Love It
Buy From
The Handler GoPro Handgrip
Our Top Choice
  • Great for capturing unique angles
  • Extendable handle for extra reach
  • Non-slip grip for secure handling
  • Floats in water for worry-free shooting
  • Lightweight and durable
GoPro Chesty
Best for Action Shots
  • Attaches GoPro to your chest
  • Gives a unique point of view angle
  • Allows you to angle the camera
  • Fits most sizes, even with a big jacket
  • Lightweight and portable
El Grande GoPro Extension Pole
Best for Selfies
  • Captures stunning HD footage
  • Wide angle lens
  • Easy to mount and is waterproof
  • Compatible with smartphone app
  • Compact and lightweight
Go Pro Head Strap
Best for Point of View Shots
  • Compatible with all GoPro cameras
  • Easy to install and use
  • Perfect for hands-free filming
  • Securely fits any size head
  • Lightweight and adjustable
GoPro Light Mod
Best for Low Light
  • Easily attaches to GoPro
  • Professional lighting quality
  • Adjustable brightness and color temperatures
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Compact and lightweight
GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp Mount
Best Tripod Replacement
  • Flexible arm allows for multiple angles
  • Quick release base
  • Adjustable clamp fits most objects
  • Durable construction
  • Compact and lightweight design
GoPro Floaty
Best for Water Videos
  • Perfect for water activities
  • Easy to attach
  • Keeps your GoPro safe
  • Bright color for visibility
  • Durable construction
The Remote (GoPro)
Best for Wildlife Photography
  • Compatible with GoPros and MAX cameras
  • Wireless control of multiple cameras
  • Up to 50 cameras can be controlled
  • Long-range Bluetooth connection
  • Waterproof and durable
GoPro Enduro Battery
Best for All GoPro Users
  • Compatible with all GoPros
  • Charges up to 3x faster
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Lightweight and durable
GoPro Sleeve + Lanyard
Best for Travel Photography
  • Securely attaches to your GoPro
  • Adjustable and comfortable lanyard
  • Stylish and eye-catching design
  • Durable and waterproof material
  • Lightweight and compact
GoPro Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount
Best for Unique Angles
  • Compatible with all GoPro cameras
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Adjustable angle for perfect shots
  • Securely attaches to any size handlebar, seatpost, or pole
  • Durable and lightweight construction

The Best GoPro Accessories

GoPro produces a huge range of accessories that fit several shooting styles. In our list, you will find modifications, mounts, and more.

We have gone through and ranked the best GoPro accessories . As they are so varied, the one for you may be near the bottom. So read about every item in detail to find the best GoPro accessory!

1. The Handler GoPro Handgrip

The Handler GoPro Handgrip
Brand GoPro
Waterproof Yes
Mounts To Handheld
Key Features Floats, short grip for comfort and better video results
Best For Videographers who want to handhold their GoPro and produce great video

The Handler is a must-buy GoPro travel photography accessory , especially for those who spend time in the water! It’s a floating camera grip that helps you take better shots even when out of the water.

A camera grip lets you hold the camera beneath its line of sight. Shots with selfie cameras often include our arms in big parts of the frame. But a camera grip lets you take selfies with as much of your environment as possible.

A good camera grip provides comfort and heightened ease of use for your camera. This accessory has a foam grip, which makes it comfortable in any condition. It even gives you a great grip in rainy conditions or water.

Its ease of use comes from the handle itself. It provides you with much steadier shots than the GoPro alone. And the handle also makes it much easier to take point-and-shoot pictures or videos without paying much attention to the live view screen.

If you plan to play in the water, you will want to get The Handler . Its main feature is that it floats. So you will never lose your GoPro by dropping it in the sea. Instead, you can take amazing water footage and even throw the camera to your friends and family!

2. GoPro Chesty Harness

GoPro Chesty
Brand GoPro
Waterproof Yes
Mounts To Chest or back
Key Features Secure fastening, hands-free, interesting perspective
Best For GoPro users who want to produce a point of view shot for action sports

The Chesty is one of the best accessories for GoPro cameras if you plan on doing any physical activity. It is one of the only ways you can attach a GoPro to your body without a helmet.

It is for people who need to use their hands while recording point-of-view (POV) videos. It is the most versatile camera grip that GoPro provides. You can use it for any activity. (Check out this POV soccer video and speed skating video !)

Its GoPro camera grip is a harness that ties over your shoulders and around your chest. You can adjust it to fit any adult body size. You can even fit it over heavy winter jackets.

The GoPro then sits in the mount with the ability to face forward, or you can direct it downwards. And the mount is attached using a quick release. So you can easily disconnect the GoPro for handheld recording.

I love this harness and would have it myself if I had a GoPro. The GoPro Chesty produces an amazing viewpoint. And I like that you don’t have to focus on recording the footage!

3. El Grande GoPro Extension Pole

El Grande GoPro Extension Pole
Brand GoPro
Waterproof Yes
Mounts To N/A (handheld)
Key Features Extends up to 38 inches (almost 1 m)
Best For GoPro users who want to capture selfies showing more of their environment

El Grande is an amazing GoPro accessory that provides an incredibly unique viewpoint. This GoPro accessory is a must-have if you plan on shooting selfies in beautiful environments.

One of the strong points of a GoPro is its wide-angle view. So an extended camera grip allows you to capture a wider view than your arm can. And this aluminum extension pole extends 38 inches (almost a meter long).

The GoPro sits on a ball-and-socket mount. This allows you to set up any viewpoint you want with ease. And the long grip provided means you can hold it with both hands if need be.

It even allows you to get shots of places you can’t access! The extra meter of extension can satisfy your curiosity without putting yourself in danger. It lets you peer over a mountain edge or into a tight cave.

Also, the extension pole is waterproof. So you can take it underwater or into snowy locations without breaking it. El Grande is the perfect GoPro accessory for selfie filming or travel videos.

4. GoPro Head Strap

Go Pro Head Strap
Brand GoPro
Waterproof Yes
Mounts To Head and hats
Key Features Great point of view
Best For GoPro users who want to film hands-free

Of course, we had to feature the Head Strap made by GoPro. It is a simple way to attach a GoPro to your body without having a helmet or other accessories.

Using this GoPro accessory, you can film anything your head points towards! This can be helpful for instructional videos or to show how hard the activity you participate in is!

This GoPro accessory is a one-size-fits-all mount. It lets you attach your GoPro to your cap or belt! And it features a quick-release system, which means you can take off the GoPro for handheld recording.

This GoPro mount works similarly to a headlamp. If you pair this mount with the GoPro Light Mod (LED ), you get a video camera that also functions as a headlamp!

The Head Strap works great in many environments. It can show off how skillful an activity is or be used to film immersive family videos. Is there a better way to remember moments than through a point-of-view camera?

5. GoPro Light Mod

GoPro Light Mod
Brand GoPro
Waterproof Yes (38 ft / 10 m)
Mounts To The GoPro or other hot shoe mounts
Key Features Compact LED light with 4 different light levels
Best For GoPro videographers who shoot in low-light conditions

The GoPro Light Mod is another must-have GoPro accessory. It can dramatically change your video results! This rechargeable LED light can last up to six hours, recording on a single charge.

It also doubles as a safety feature. It comes with a strobe mode for signaling and visibility. This could be one of the main reasons why you buy this product. It would especially be useful for activities where you are alone in an unfriendly environment.

It has four different levels of brightness. The highest level can produce up to 400 lumens! This is a substantial amount from such a small LED light. And its compact design means you will barely feel the extra weight added to your GoPro.

The LED Light Mod even works when it isn’t mounted onto the camera. This means you can light your subject in interesting ways or use it as a handy light.

I suggest this GoPro accessory for anyone who plans to take videos at night or in dark environments. This could be in places like caves or abandoned buildings!

6. GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp Mount

GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp Mount
Brand GoPro
Waterproof Yes
Mounts To Any stable surface
Key Features A mount that can turn stable objects into tripods
Best For GoPro videographers who want to film static shots when away from the camera

The Jaws clamp mount is another versatile accessory from GoPro. This clamp is the perfect GoPro accessory for someone who wants to take videos of themselves without a selfie viewpoint.

The clamp has a rubber interior, letting you attach it to a wide range of surfaces. GoPro has even put special effort into allowing the clamp to grip irregular shapes. This means most tree branches or a bench can double as a mini tripod !

This GoPro accessory comes with a “neck.” This allows you to maneuver your camera to a perfect angle. This is handy considering the objects you will attach the mount to. They won’t always be flat or sturdy! But you can use the clamp with or without the maneuverable neck.

The GoPro Jaws flex mount works perfectly for those who want a tripod without actually having one. A video tripod can often be heavy and take up a lot of space when you may only use it a couple of times.

Using this accessory dramatically reduces your camera gear’s weight while giving you the same results. But you may have to get creative with what you attach the clamp to!

7. GoPro Floaty

GoPro Floaty
Brand GoPro
Waterproof Yes
Mounts To GoPro
Key Features Makes your GoPro float and more visible
Best For GoPro users who use their camera near or in water

The Floaty is the best GoPro accessory if you plan to take a trip to the beach. It is an all-encompassing case that makes your GoPro float on top of the water. And it is brightly colored. So you can spot your GoPro if it floats off!

This makes it ideal for water sports or activities like snorkeling or waterskiing. (If you prefer underwater photography, check out our article on the best underwater waterproof cameras ).

The Floaty can also be a great way to protect your GoPro. The outer layer is cushioning material. So it can absorb plenty of falls.

All these points make it the best GoPro accessory for kids’ cameras . Its bright color keeps it from being lost. And its cushioning allows it to be dropped over and over again!

8. The Remote (GoPro)

The Remote (GoPro)
Brand GoPro
Waterproof Yes (16.4 ft / 5 m)
Mounts To N/A (handheld)
Key Features Wireless control of your GoPro
Best For GoPro users who want to record or snap photos away from the camera

The Remote is a convenient accessory for many GoPro users. It lets you control some of the main features of your GoPro from up to 197 feet (60 meters) away!

This means you can set up your camera in a specific spot and start recording video whenever possible. Or you can even put the GoPro on a friend doing an activity and start the video from afar.

A remote trigger opens up a range of options in videography and photography. They are particularly useful for wildlife camera setups. Being nearby may deter animals from getting close.

A great feature of this GoPro accessory is that it lets you control up to five cameras simultaneously. This means you could set up an elaborate photo trap to take pictures of an animal!

The Remote comes with a big detailed screen and big buttons. These buttons are easy to navigate but are most useful in cold environments where you may need to keep your gloves on. It also comes with a wrist strap, which lets you attach it to yourself or your gear.

9. GoPro Enduro Battery

GoPro Enduro Battery
Brand GoPro
Waterproof No
Mounts To GoPro
Key Features Increases battery life by a great amount
Best For GoPro users who want to charge their batteries less

The Enduro rechargeable battery is a great accessory for any GoPro user. This simple addition can extend your GoPro’s recording time by 40%.

All forms of photography or videography will benefit from extended battery life! And even if you’re happy with your current battery life, having another one knocking around your kit bag is always helpful.

One problem with camera batteries is that they need to function better in colder temperatures. This battery from GoPro is built with its users in mind. They know a big percentage of its users use GoPros in sub-zero temperatures.

So GoPro also put its technology into producing a battery that charges faster. Thus, you have less time waiting and more time shooting!

The GoPro Enduro battery is useful for travelers. It’s especially helpful when they don’t know the next opportunity to recharge their batteries. It is also essential for film crews on long shoots or expeditions with GoPro cameras.

10. GoPro Sleeve + Lanyard

GoPro Sleeve + Lanyard
Brand GoPro
Waterproof Yes
Mounts To GoPro
Key Features Helps you keep track of your GoPro and gives you quick access
Best For Travel photographers

The Sleeve + Lanyard accessory is another accessory that is perfect for almost every GoPro user. The GoPro camera body is already extremely durable. And an extra layer protects it from any cosmetic damage. But this is less about protection and more about accessibility and safety.

GoPros are small cameras. You can easily misplace them. Or they can fall out of your pocket. And they are also valuable devices, making them a perfect target for pickpockets.

Having your GoPro securely around your neck with this lanyard makes it almost impossible to lose it. You only have to worry about it when you take it off!

GoPro has made its Sleeve + Lanyard accessory available in various colors. This means you can use it to reflect your personality or blend your camera into the environment. It is a must-have accessory for travel photographers who use their GoPro daily.

11. GoPro Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount

GoPro Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount
Brand GoPro
Waterproof Yes
Mounts To Any 9 to 35mm pole
Key Features Provides a unique perspective
Best For Action sports such as skiing or cycling

The Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount accessory from GoPro is perfect for getting those unique action angles in your GoPro. This mount lets you securely fasten your camera onto any tube between 9 and 35mm in diameter.

Perhaps you are participating in extreme sports, where the mount will shake an action camera a lot. If so, you need this accessory instead of just the GoPro clips. This mount gives you added security and stability.

Cyclists can attach this GoPro accessory to multiple places on their bikes. Skiers can attach it to their poles. And plenty of other sports can benefit from this by using their equipment as a tripod.

Even water skiers can attach the mount to the rope they hold on to! The mount head features a customizable angle to get the most out of tough angles. So this is one of the best GoPro accessories for action sports.

It works especially well for sports brands who want to show their equipment or products in use. And Thanks to GoPro’s great construction, you can expect a trustworthy rigid mount for tough environments.

Buyers Guide FAQs

These are the three most common questions we get about GoPro accessories.

Are There Any Accessories That Can Enhance My GoPro Experience?

All the GoPro accessories on our list will help you enhance your experience. If you are looking for easy, effortless shooting, I suggest a camera grip. You can buy our top choice, The Handler . It’s a short, padded grip. Or you can buy the El Grande that extends like a selfie stick.

If you want a GoPro accessory to enhance the performance of your GoPro itself, choose a modification. In this category, you can buy the rechargeable Enduro for a battery with longer life. Or you can get the LED Light Mod to allow you to shoot in poorly lit environments.

If you want a hands-free GoPro experience, look at the different mounts mentioned on our list. Check out the GoPro chest mount or the GoPro head strap if you want to attach the GoPro to your body.

A few options exist for attaching the camera to equipment or a stable object. Look at the Jaws mount or the Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole mount .

What Are the Best Audio Accessories for GoPro?

The best GoPro accessory for audio is the Media Mod which isn’t featured on our list. Nonetheless, it is essential to enhance the audio on your GoPro. It features a built-in directional mic with a protector that shelters it from wind and ambient noise.

What Essential Accessories Should I Get for My GoPro?

The essential GoPro accessory is the one that is relevant to you and your filming or shooting style. For casual videographers, I recommend the GoPro Enduro rechargeable battery . For a small price, you can extend the recording time of your GoPro up to 40%!

For action sports videographers, I suggest the GoPro Chesty harness . This mount lets you easily film your action without having to pay attention to framing or operation.

Conclusion: The Best GoPro Accessories

The Best GoPro accessories are essential for any GoPro user looking to get the most out of their action camera. All these accessories have been hand-picked to help you capture the best shots and videos possible. From the GoPro Enduro battery to the Chesty harness , you can take your GoPro experience to the next level.

For those looking for the ultimate GoPro experience, we highly recommend The Handler . This floating hand grip is perfect for capturing stable footage while snorkeling or surfing. Or it will just get you up close and personal with the action!

The Handler GoPro Handgrip
GoPro The Handler
Elevate your photography with this handheld camera accessory. It’s perfect for capturing smooth and stable shots.
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